Stretch Tube Exercises


I am been exercising, lifting weights and going to the Dojo or Health Club for 45 years and I don’t intend to stop now that I am 58, but sometimes I can’t get to the Health Club or I am traveling and don’t have a Health Club near. So I always take a Stretch Tube with me, everywhere I go, and always have on in my car. So that anywhere at anytime I can get exercise and keep in shape. 

I get a Full Body workout and exercise every muscle group using my Stretch Tubing Exercise Program. All done with one simple little Stretch Tube in about 30 minutes

You will be amazed at the effectiveness of the Stretch Tube and the incredible number of Stretch Tube exercises found on this DVD. You will find exercises for any age, sex or physical condition. And now when you can’t go to the Health Club you can Take the Club with you