English soccer sucks.

English soccer sucks.

How the English soccer team keeps it 58 year losing streak alive.

Well we are sorry to report that once again we were duped into watching some of the Euro-cup 2012 and actually saw that rarest of things in soccer..a goal. An actual goal in a few games…it was amazing, but don’t get excited it didn’t last long and only 1 was scored to prove how exceptional a goal actually is in soccer and why so many people around the ignorant parts of the world love it. Then we made the fatal mistake of anticipating the great match between England and Italy.

After all England is the ‘home of soccer’, the ‘inventor of the modern game’ ,the ’squires of scoring’, and of course don’t forget the ‘King’s of losing”. Yes we know they have a Queen, but it takes a real man to lose for 50+ years every big international and European match like England has managed to do. Why it seems like only yesterday that the English were hoisting the World Cup…but after you put down your Guinness and slightly sober up…which is as hard for an English fan as actually winning a game. You realize that yesterday was in fact 1954. And today is another great day for England to lose the big game when it counts.

Now any sensible person and lover of great sporting events would not think that a country and a team that can’t win a big match in 58 years should not be taken seriously and certainly not given the huge respect that they so justly don’t deserve…but English soccer fans don’t let small things like losing and not scoring keep them from loving and appreciating the most boring game in the World, played by the one of the biggest losing teams in International team in history.

Of course we don’t count the US in this losers bracket since to be a real loser you must first actually win a big game. If all you ever do is lose…like the US has done for 100 years, you really can’t be called a losers because there at least has to be one example on the other side to make the word really mean anything. You can’t be a real ‘loser’ unless you have actually won a big game…and the US has never come close…that is why real American’s hate soccer, they don’t like losers.

Now back to my original point about English soccer sucking and yet getting such great respect that you can’t really have a great ‘no goal’ soccer match without a great ‘never seen a English team win a big one’ English announcer. Having English announcers tell you about what is happening, why it is happening and how to win is sort of like having a 12 year old boy or girl tell you about dating and marriage. They don’t know, but they are experts. Just like the English announcers are. We guess when you have managed to lose every single big match for 58 years you become an expert in knowing how to win…Right…Wrong!. So after watching 120 minutes of no scoring, we now remember why we hate soccer and especially hate watching England lose another boring match and being told by the English announcer in great detail how they almost won. Yes it’s true, it’s damn true… English soccer sucks and we are the biggest suckers for watching it

UFC 146 winners and losers

UFC 146 winners and losers

The big heavyweight card is coming May 26, and we wanted you to be the first to know who the lock solid winners and losers are going to be in the 3 big fights…and by big we mean the guys fighting are the big in fact some of them are big as whales and that brings us to our first fight analysis with Whaley Nelson vs Dave Herman.

So let’s start. It’s Whaley Nelson vs Dave Pee Wee Herman( yes that is his real nick name.. no idea why he would pick that one unless he used to be a bouncer in a porno theater where he say the real pee wee playing with his wee wee. And while we don’t know a lot about Herman other than his record of 21-3-0 . We do know that somehow he manages to stay I shape and not look like he just fell off a McDonald’s truck like the 17-7-0 Whale Nelson. And this is after Nelson looking better since he has been told that the ‘fat’ act was getting weak by Dana White and oh yes he better get into better shape and actually start winning some fights. Well be hate to be the one to tell Whaley Nelson that he didn’t listen or train hard enough and now he is going to lose another UFC fight. Making him lose 4 of his last 5 fights. Nelson simply can’t go 3 rounds and unless he knocks Herman out..very doubtful, his only real chance is to submit him which he is very capable of doing, if Herman lets him and we don’t think Pee wee will let Whaley Nelson get on top and submit him, the real Pee Wee might like it but not the fighting Pee Wee.. Nelson will go down hard, and might break the ring doing so. We are picking Herman by KO in the 3rd.

Now to Antonio Big Foot Silva, who should be called Big Head. Silva who looks like a neatherthal man …thus the Big Head vs Cain the Great Brown Hope Velasquez 9-1-0 . We think that the big head is going to smash the little caniner and give Velasquez his 2nd loss in as many fights. We just don’t see how someone with a big foot can’t beat someone with a big mouth. Cain’s only chance is to keep the fight standing, but that won’t be easy, but who said fighting in the UFC was easy, if it was then girls would be fighting…wait girls are fighting in strikeforce and the UFC owns strikeforce, so I take it back. It is easy to fight in the UFC it’s just not easy to win. Now back to the point, and the point of this discussion is to tell you that big head will put one of those big feet up Cain’s butt knock him around in a half circle and then pound him into submission. Just like Dos Santos did to win the title. The once great hyped Cain will get more pain and people will begin to realizet he is not good enough in every aspect to be the UFC heavyweight champion again.

Finally the big ones.. Junior dos santos clause vs Frank the tank Mir. Mir is going to win his 3rd heavyweight championship because he can hit like a mack truck and ground fight better than any heavyweight alive. He is the only person to knock out Mintotaurus Nogueriasayrus the 2nd ugliest fighter in the world after Big Head Antonio Silva and submit him, if you call snapping his arm completely in half a submission..we call it attempted manslaughter. Anyway, Mir will make Dos Santos Clause wish he was back in Brazil fighting in that room with no AC, no showers, no lights, no mats and calling it heaven. When Dos Santos clause does wake up it will be with a broken arm, or broken nose. There is no way he will beat Mir and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Ted who has been to Austin many times said so.

Well there are my picks and you can take that to the bank in your mom’s car, cash in your food stamps, and put it all on Mir to win. And make enough money to watch the next UFC on pay per view and think you know how to fight just because you watch it on TV. Well I hate to be the one to tell you…you can’t learn to fight by watching it on TV. I suggest you learn by going to a MMA school and getting hit and then you can tell me with you clever comments how I don’t know crap about fighting and how you are the grandmaster even though you are only 15 years old.

The evolution of MMA…nothing is new.

The evolution of MMA…nothing is new.

I have been practicing and teaching martial arts for 48 years and during that time I have seen several big “changes” happen in the world of combat sports and street fighting. But the more I see and learn the more I realize that nothing has really changed and everything is actually going back to the beginnings.
And where did all fighting start in the World…..wrestling.

Wrestling ruled the world of fighting for 2,000 years and if you got into a fight without a weapon, you usually would end up on the ground and the man who knew how to wrestle always won. If you knew how to take someone down and break their neck, arms, or choke them out. You won 90% of the fights in the world. Wrestling ruled for 2,000 years, but it was never taught in schools or classes so it never really caught on as a big time business. But it ruled and was stopped from being the king of fighting arts until Boxing.

Boxing came along and ruled the American fight scene inside the ring and in the street for 150 years. The good boxer could win any street fight and beat up anyone who didn’t know basic boxing skills, even people much larger than them. But it never became a big business. There were a few boxing schools, but not that many and it only appealed to really tough guys who liked to hurt people and more importantly didn’t mind getting hurt when the trained. Boxing ruled for 150 years and then came Karate.

Everything changed dramatically with the the arrival of Karate in America in the 1960’s. Yes, karate is not really an ancient art. It was started in Japan by Gichin Funakoshi  in 1915, but it didn’t really come to America until the Vietnam War with the returning troops. But we are not doing a history lesson but a ‘teaching’ lesson so let’s talk about the impact of Karate on combat sports…or street fights.

Before karate came to America if you were in a fight you boxed, often poorly or rolled on the ground…even more poorly (if there is such a word). 99% of fights went to the bigger stronger man and no one was really training the masses in fighting in the streets or self defense. But karate changed all that and now for the first time, with a lot of hard training (and the training was actually hard when karate first started, not like the dance dojo’s you find so often now) you had distinct significant advantages in a street fight… Kicks. I remember my first few school yard and outside fights and not pretty. It was bad boxing and rotten rolling. But then I learned to kick, and the next time the bad guy (I never started the fights) squared off, they found my foot in their face or ribs and the fight was over. They had no chance to block it and no defense against a good kick. It was like a ‘weapon from space’, no one had ever seen a kicker much less tried to block the kicks. You won the fight because you did something that worked and no one had ever seen or had any defense against.

But in about 20 years most people knew about kicks and most bad guys could block some kicks or defend enough to stop your kicks and beat you butt Things went stale in the fight world, until “full contact kick boxing” became a big deal and the great kickers who also knew how to punch ruled the rings and the sidewalks.

That lasted about 15 years and then in the 90’s the UFC came into being because of the $100,000 newspaper ads the Gracies used to run challenging anyone to a no rule fight to the finish and beating all takers and doing it as easy as we used to beat static boxers in the 1960’s. Now the great boxers and kickers found themselves on the ground and more importantly the man who put them there knew exactly what to do to keep them there and break their arms or put them to sleep. The average street fighter, boxer or karate champion had no chance against even average jiu jitsu players. Royce Gracie beat up 4 bad ass street punks in one night to win 3 UFC championships. They dominated the fight world for 10 years.

But then came Chuck Lidell, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Guy Mezger and the people who knew wrestling, boxing, and karate and the table turned again. I used to rail against Chuck, thinking he had killed the great sport of MMA, when in reality what he had done was move it to the next level and return it to the beginning. Where boxing ruled again. If you know how to block kicks, you don’t get hurt with kicks. It you know how to stop a take down, and get up if you are taken down, you don’t get beat on the ground. So what has actually a happened is that dirty boxing has returned to rule the ring and the streets, but only for the best of the best. It takes 10 years to be really good in karate, 10 years to be good in wrestling and 10 years to be good in ground jiu jitsu. So the time frame has greatly increased if you want to be a great combat fighter, but the system and the techniques haven’t changed, in fact they have returned to the beginning.

Grandmaster Ted Gambordella




It’s the 4th Quarter in America

It’s the 4th Quarter in America

The recent Super Bowl commercial with the once great Clint Eastwood proudly proclaimed it was halftime in America and praised Detroit and implied there was a great recovery due to the Obama administration, and brother he couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not halftime in America, it’s the 4th quarter and the liberals are about to win and destroy the country as we know it. Let’s look at the real facts.

Unemployment is 8%+, more like 10% if you count the people who have just given up. 42 million Americans on welfare, or food stamps. The worst housing market in history of record keeping. Gas was under $2 when Obama took office, and now it is approaching $4, yet he refused to build a pipeline in America because it might kill a bird. Billions of dollars throw away chasing solar energy and battery powered cars that blow up. The betrayal of Israel and the support of the “Arab Spring” which in reality is the Muslim Winter. Selling guns directly to Mexican cartels for the express purpose of having them used to kill people, to enable them to demand stricter gun control laws. Slashing the military budget, and allowing gays to serve opening with no restrictions. Refusing to enforce the immigration laws of America, and suing the States that try to enforce them. Belittling the “tea party” and praising the “occupy” idiots. Shutting down drilling for new oil in the gulf and closing every coal plant they can. Propagating race hated and class envy to get votes. Running up more debt than any 5 Presidents combined in US history and asking for another 4 trillion to increase it even more. Forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortions. The list goes on and on and time is running out.

If real American’s who pay taxes, support the military, go to church and believe in the actual words of the Constitution don’t step up and do something about this then the game will be over and the liberals will win. America as we knew it will be destroyed and anarchy will rein. Stop believing anything the press says about the “bad, horrible, terrible, unqualified, Mormon, racists, ugly, old, radical right wingers” who are running for the Republican nomination and realize that this is just a liberal ploy to get you feeling defeated and hopeless against the great Obama. We don’t have another 4 years to give up to the socialist. America and the World need a real leader who understands how to create jobs, help the poor move up by giving them opportunity, not handouts. Someone who loves God and respects the Constitution.

It’s the 4th quarter in America, the liberal press referees are cheating, and the clock is ticking, But the game is not over, we can take the country back and save it, just like Reagan did after 4 years of Carters destruction and we can and will make America great again. It is not half time, it is the 4th quarter and we have to get the ball back in our hands to have a chance of winning. It’s time to do something to make America great again, and with God’s help we will do it.

The courage to make a difference…MMA champ Guy Mezger stops knife attacker!

The courage to make a difference.

I was inspired when I read the story, looked at the photos and heard the interview with Guy Mezger about him getting his thumb almost cut off…due to a miss by the attacker, who had wanted to cut his neck off…after stepping up to protect a young woman who was being abused at a local mall by her ‘boyfriend’. Mr. Mezger is a former UFC Champion, Pancreas Champion and World Kickboxing Champion and one of the greatest MMA teachers in America. He could have easily killed the attacker, after the man attempted to murder him, but he restrained himself, protected the lady and almost paid with his life. He showed true fearlessness and bravery and could be considered a hero, but he does not feel that way. He only feels that he did what was right and what other people should have done.

The thing that Mr. Mezger keep stressing in his interview was that over 10 people were watching the attack of the lady by the man and no one was doing anything about it. Guy was the only person who stepped up, first by calling the police, then by talking calmly to the man and then by protecting the lady and himself from the attempted murder. He was a true hero, but being the gentleman and great martial artist he is, he downplays this and keep referring to the fact that no one else had stepped up to help and that he would like to think that other people would have the courage to help. He could not understand why others would not help, and he when he asked the 300 pound former MMA fighter, and black belt who was interviewing him on the radio if he would have stepped up the man truthfully said he was not sure. He probably would have, but he was not sure.

Would you have stepped up? In reality there are very very few people who would have stepped up, even 300 pound MMA fighters and the list of reasons goes on and on but the facts never change. Someone needed help and other people did nothing about it. It was up to the fearlessness of Master Guy. Mezger that saved the day and protected the lady. And you have to ask yourself…would you have stepped up…especially if you knew the man had a knife…which Guy did not know, but we feel confident that that wouldn’t have mattered. Guy stepped up, protected the lady and could have lost his life in the battle, and he is a true hero but that is not the point of this article and video.

The point of the video not that you should learn martial arts so you would feel confident to step up and help protect the live of a young lady in distress. The point is that in your life everyday there are times, dozens of times that you could step up and make a difference and you don’t. Everyday you could do something that could save a life, like donate blood…not everyday, but you get the point. Everyday you could help someone who can’t help themselves, feed the homeless. Everyday you could do something that could make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate that you, teach a child to read, go to a nursing home, donate some time to a worthy charity. Everyday you could do something to help make America great again, you can make a difference in someone’s life…all it takes is courage. Courage of your convictions and faith in your commitment to follow through on what you start. Step up and do something within your power to make a difference.

We can not all be warriors like Guy Mezger and help save a life. Most people are not that brave…Thank God for the American Soldiers. But we can all be good people who stand up for what is right and are willing to risk things to make a difference. Don’t expect to be thanked for your service, your hard work and sacrifice to make this difference, but do expect to feel better about yourself, your country and your life. You can step up today and make a difference in someone’s life, you can save a life today, change a life today…all you need is the courage to make a difference..

Brock Lesnar retires from UFC and will fight again in WWE against Undertaker in MMA style match

Brock Lesnar retires from UFC and will fight again in WWE against Undertaker in MMA style match

We have some bad news and some possible exciting good news. The great Brock Lesnar has been forced to retire from the UFC because of injuries that are still lingering due to his illness with diverticulitis. Lesnar looks very weak and almost helpless against Overeem in UFC 141 and simply could never put up any offense to have a chance to win the fight.

We predicted in our last video that someone was up when this mega fight was the first fight for Overeem and for Lesnar. And this must be one of the stupidest marketing decisions in sports history. Now we know why the fight happened. Lesnar’s body was not healed, and will never heal to the necessary extent that is required to fight in the UFC heavyweight division. So Dana White gave him one more glory fight and one last chance to go out a winner. But it didn’t happen and Lesnar looked terrible in the fight and simply could not take the punches or kicks from the giant Overeem.

Now comes the good part, we hear from our sources that Lesnar is being pushed hard to return to the UFC and to fight The Undertaker in an MMA style match for the heavyweight title. This will be a huge fight and should highlight the next Wrestlemania and be pushed at the upcoming Wrestlemania where Cena will fight The Rock.

So let’s hope that this is indeed true that Brock Lesnar will fight again in the WWE and fight against The Undertaker…just like it was supposed to happen 18 months ago.

The real meaning of Christmas

Christmas is coming again for the 2,000+ time but it now seems that too many people have forgotten what Christmas really means. The atheists and real pagans fools will be quick to tell you it is a ‘pagan holiday’ and really means nothing. It is just a myth, but let’s look at the real facts and real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas quite simply is the celebration of the birth of Jesus…the Christ. The only Son of God who came to the earth to save the world from sin and damnation. He was born to the virgin Mary and was crucified under Pontius Pilot, died and was buried and rose again on the 3rd day to ascend to Heaven and he will return one day to judge the quick and the dead. If you believe in Jesus, repent of your sins, you will find an eternal reward in Heaven. If you don’t, you will find Hell. It is that simple and the liberals and the evil people of the World hate it and will do anything to try to destroy it.

Before Jesus came, the Earth was a terrible place to live. People’s lives meant nothing, slavery, murder, infanticide, human sacrifices were practiced daily across the World, and there was no hope of eternity for anyone alive, except the Jews. After Jesus came the World changed. There is no doubt that Jesus Christ was and is the most influential person who ever lived. He has saved more lives, helped more poor people, given more hope to billions and billions of people than any King or President. The Christians founded America, the greatest country in the history of the World and Christians have founded millions of schools and hospitals. The Christians believe in the sanctity of life from conception to death. And the Christians believe in one man for one woman for life.

Now the real pagans would have you believe the World would be so much better if there was no Jesus and no Christianity. They say a utopia would exist without the Christian religion . People would just naturally love their fellow man, and fellow woman, a homo heaven on earth. . No more wars, no more crime, no more racism, if only there were no more Christians. But this is a LIE, a damnable lie that is proven across the World as a lie millions of times and yet the liberals refuse to believe it. The Communist killed 55 million of their own people and suppressed religion, and they are still doing it today. 95% of the criminals are not Christian. Where there is no Christianity there is no hope for millions of people. That is the truth, but you won’t hear it from the liberal press.

The next time someone tells you Happy Holiday, ask them what Holiday, and they will be forced to say Christmas, and then ask them what that means and they will go into some insane pagan rant. Pray for them, they are lost, as we all are lost without Christ in our lives. Jesus….the Christ coming to save the World, is the real meaning of Christmas.

American Chopper Great Build Off…crap, crappier and insane.

We just got through watching parts of the 2 hour special of the Great Build Off with the fighting fools of American Chopper, the Teutels, Paul Stupid Sr. and Paul Stupider Jr and the Tattoo loving idiot Jesse James. And the results can only be described as crap, crappier and insane. Please let me explain.

You see the Teutel’s don’t like each other, but manage to stay close enough together to do a weekly series, where they lament not liking each other and wish they were back together fighting everyday, and hating on each other up close. But ratings are bad, not as bad as the acting and bikes, but so bad that the Discovery Channel had to go dig up Jesse, the Tattoo whore loving, Sandra Bullock cheating idiot who someone manages to think that making the same ugly bike over and over and cussing a lot, while pretending to know everything, with only a 7th grade education, will get the “biker fans” to love his new/old work and vote for him. But not so fast.

James has decided to make his bike from scratch, including the frame and most of the motor, and is simply amazed when the motor makes loud noises when he starts it, and ponders humorlessly that he bets the Teutel’s have never heard a bike make that noise before, then laughs with his loser friends, who agree heartily and are allowed to be on TV. The bike James built is so crappy looking and uncomfortable you could only have been designed by someone who thinks that getting tattoos was a great idea and that if you could only find a skinny, drugged out woman who completely covered herself in tattoos, this would be so much better than one of the most beautiful , richest and famous women in the world Sandra Bullock. Go figure.

But Paul Stupid Sr. is not be be outdone, he uses his brilliant designer to come up with a lie down snowmobile that is completely illegal to drive on the highway and shoots actual flames, making it assured of never being legal to drive anywhere and thinks that this is a lay down to win a motorcycle building competition. Proving once again, that stupid is as stupid does. And he taught Jr. well.

Paul Stupider Jr. decides to make bike that has lots of copper in it, that will turn green and look like crap, and has a absolutely no strength for long term riding on highways, and add the exhaust directly over the motor in front of the rider, blowing all the hot air directly on the rider and …get ready…blows smoke out like a old fighter plane assuring the driver of being blinded while driving and the cars behind him of being blinded by the smoke and crashing into him and killing him…as he so justly deserves.

Anyway, in summary. Jesse Lame James built a totally ugly, uncomfortable, piece of crap that looks like some country hick in a home garage built, which is exactly what happened. Paul Stupider Jr. built a multi colored, smoke machine that is illegal to drive on any highway, and Paul Stupid Sr. built a snowmobile for a motorcycle contestant. Who will one, only the squidbillys know. And only idiot’s care, we will be watching tonight to see who won…HA.

In Defense of Joe Paterno…there is none.

In Defense of Joe Paterno…there is none.

In my life I’ve been disappointed by many things in sports. I always hate it when the Cowboys lose, and it’s happened a lot during the last 15 years and doesn’t look like us to get a better. I hate it when LSU loses it when University of Texas loses. I got upset when I watch the Mavericks lose the first NBA finals but was very happy when they won their second time. And I’m still not over the game six in the World Series with the Rangers this year. But those are team losses, And usually the worst thing that can happen in a team losses that an individual player might mess up ,or the coach might make a bad call or someone might throw an Interception (Not to mention Tony Romo), but it’s usually a team effort Or lack of team effort that causes the loss or disappointment.

When a single professional sports player or even a local athlete does something terrible it is much worse. When Mike Tyson raped the young lady. I was upset, and Tyson went to jail to pay for his crime. When Barry Bonds Set the home run record, while taking tons of steroids, and nothing can be done about it, I was upset. When Tiger Woods went from my favorite sports athlete in the world and one of my heroes, to a common adulterer and jerk, I was really upset. But nothing has ever shocked me, disappointed me and hurt me more than the Penn State scandal and Joe Paterno’s involvement.

Joe Paterno was one of my heroes, and the thought never occurred to me Or for that matter to anyone else, that he was covering up a sexual perversion at his university. A man he knew and trusted for 30 years was molesting young boys, at the University, in the locker rooms ,at his house, at his charity, And Joe Paterno knew about it or at least knew enough about it that he should’ve done something about. But he didn’t do the right thing, he did the legal thing and turned the man into his superiors, but he apparently did not follow up, and did not pursue any legal action. I am sure that in the next few days or weeks we will find out much more about this pervert. And what Joe Paterno knew or did not know.

But what I do know, I don’t really want to know. I do not want to hear about this pervert and what he do these children. I do not want to hear about how we molested kids in the shower in front of players ,In front of assistants and other people. And no one did anything about it. I Do not want to know all the sordid details, and I pray for the children and the families of the children. But I do Do not understand why Joe Paterno did or did not do what he did.

If Joe Paterno would’ve turned in, his assistant of 20+ years in 2002. Joe Paterno would’ve been fired No doubt about it. Just like he has been fired now, and justifiably so. But Joe Paterno did not want to leave Penn State, did not want to stop coaching football, and apparently did not want to turn his friend in. To protect himself, to protect University, to keep his job, to keep the university’s integrity. But none Oh this has happened. Now he has lost his job, the athletic director lost his job , and the University President has been fired. Penn State is in for a long and terrible legal battle. And they will lose millions if not tens of millions of dollars, and justifiably so.

So how can you defend Joe Paterno, let’s ask the Democrats how they defended Bill Clinton. Let’s ask The war criminals, who say they were only doing what they were ordered to do. Let’s ask the drug dealers, who get children hooked on drugs and destroy their lives forever. Let’s asked the politicians Who stand in front of the cameras and tell lie after lie to get reelected. Let’s ask all the people who do terrible things. Why they did it ,and then let’s take all their excuses, write them on a piece of paper and throw them in the trash, because that’s what they are… trash excuses.

You can’t defend Joe Paterno, you can’t defend Penn State, and you can’t defend all the people who knew about the perversion is going on, and did nothing about it. All you can do is shake your head, close your eyes, say a prayer, and thank the good Lord, that these people are finally coming to justice and to pray that this never happens again.