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Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

76 Year Old Stage 4 Cancer Patient Grand Master Ted Gambordella has written 174 books and devoted over 5,000+ hours to Honor Great Martial Artists in America and around the World!

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Grand Master Ted Gambordella Book series…The World’s Greatest Martial Artists now has 56 Editions.

Honoring over 5,200 of the Greatest Martial Artists in America and Around the World!

Ted and Teddy Gambordella on How the States Got Their Shapes

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10th Degree Black Belt

54 Years teaching experience

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998

Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000

International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001

Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001

World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999

Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001

Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002

World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003

Personal Trainers Hall of Fame 2007

Karate Masters Hall of Fame 2011

Masters Hall of Fame 2014

3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion

2 Times USA Karate Weapons Champion

Author 42 Books

38 DVD’s

400 Tribute Videos

Patented Inventor

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  • ✔Author of 147 books and 42 DVD’s

  • ✔1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in Texas

  • ✔1st Weapons Black Belt in Texas, and Louisiana

  • ✔1st Okinawan Karate Black Belt in Louisiana

  • ✔1st to promote students to black belt in weapons and jiu jistu in Texas, Louisiana

  • ✔1st jiu jitsu team in Louisiana and Texas

  • ✔1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt at Louisiana State University

  • ✔Started first Jiu Jitsu club at LSU

  • ✔Produced 1st Karate Collegiate Championship tournament 1971

  • ✔1st author of book on Hard KI (chi)

  • ✔1st person to bend knife on neck in demonstration

  • ✔Wrote the 1st Complete Martial Arts Weapons manual in 1976, best selling martial arts manual in history, still in print after 35 years

  • ✔Wrote 1st book on using martial arts techniques in sports to prevent

    ✔injuries, improve performance and develop a winning attitude. Which was used and endorsed by University of Texas, OU, LSU, Oral Roberts, Louisiana College, Purdue, Rice University, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Jazz, dozens of high schools

  • ✔1st Martial Arts black belt with a weekly TV show in America, 2 years on channel 11 DFW

  • ✔Voted “The Most Perfect Body in America 1980”

  • ✔Appeared on National TV 8 times with martial arts programs. Including Real People, Entertainment Tonight, Playboy Channel, Fox TV, Inside Edition, and dozens of local TV stations across Texas, and Louisiana

  • ✔1st Martial Arts Master to work with US Olympic committee training US Olympic athletes using martial arts techniques

  • ✔1st Jiu Jitsu demonstration at the Karate Olympics, US Karate Championship, Mardi Grais Nationals, Texas Karate Championships, Big D, (5 years in a roll..no one had ever done more than 3 before), and dozens of other tournaments.

  • ✔Featured in Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Business cover story

  • ✔1st American martial arts author of book on KI

  • ✔1st American author of karate weapons manual

  • ✔1st author to produce martial art book digitally in 1990

  • ✔1st martial arts master author with iPhone application

  • ✔1st martial arts master with Video’s and DVD’s

  • ✔1st web site for martial arts books and videos 1990

  • ✔1st martial arts author to sell digital books on Ebay

  • ✔Inventor with Patented products, Logo Glove and Vpower glove

  • ✔Started the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 1992

  • ✔Started the first Martial Arts MLM “winners club” in 1982

  • ✔Invented the “Gambretta” the ultimate legal carry self defence weapon

  • ✔TV Pilot Live2B100 in 2008

  • ✔Started the first golf Network Marketing Company..Winner’s Club

  • ✔The most successful night club promoter in South

Celebrating 60 Yrs of Health and Fitness

E-mail: drtedg@gmail.com

You don’t have to Feel and Look Old just because your getting older. You can be strong, vibrant, dynamic, flexible, powerful, healthy for LIFE!



Dr. Ted Gambordella have been featured in dozens of Newspaper and Magazine articles.

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